Sunday, 17 March 2013

Changing Expectations

It is snowing. There is a freaky weather system which has dropped snow on us when we weren’t expecting it. It is March and the daffodils should be out. Where is spring?

This is not how I planned to start my first blog, but it does reflect how we need to change our expectations. Climate change is increasing weather extremes but also mixing up the normal seasons. We can’t expect spring to be warm or summer to be dry anymore.

The same applies to lots of other things in our lives. The expected everyday events like driving to the supermarket to buy dinner could be changing too. It’s easy to forget that not so long ago it wasn’t the norm to own a car, supermarkets didn’t exist, and food had to be cooked from scratch on a daily basis. Did your grandparents have a fridge when they were young or your parents?

People have rapidly adapted to all the new inventions and expectations have changed accordingly. How hard would it be for us to adapt back to a life with limited oil? If petrol is restricted it becomes expensive and people react by reducing journeys or driving more efficiently. This is actually happening now. The UK has passed ‘Peak Car’, and it looks like the mileage we drive each year is reducing. What is next?

This blog is about changing our expectations and in doing so changing our future.


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